All About Dave

Now this is a story all about Dave

He wasn't very big but he was very brave
He had a reputation as a Godly lad

And he lived with his brothers and his mom and dad
Now Dave was the shepherd of his father's sheep

His job, I'm told, was to tend and keep
The rams and the ewes and the baby lambs

Safe from the jaws of the bears and the lions
Who on occasion tried to steel

A baby lamb for every meal

Now every time that this occurred

Young Dave, without a spear or sword
Would grab them by their bearded chins

And smack them 'til he did them in
'Cause that's just the way he was

Now Dave was the servant of a king named Saul

Who together with the army of Israel
Were camping in the valley of Elah one day

His men, I'm told, were many they say
All manly men, all brave and bold

Who always did what they were told

until they met Goliath

Now Goliath was a Philistine

Over ten feet tall and extremely mean
He wore a helmet on his head

And those he fought all wound up dead
Or badly bruised and broken they said 

His staff was like a weaver's beam

Extremely heavy or so it seemed
And his armour coat was as heavy as a man

And those he met they always ran
Not one would stand and fight him

I don't think they liked him

So for forty days and forty nights

Goliath tried to pick a fight
With each and every Israelite

Who were so afraid and so dismayed
That none would stand and fight him

None that is but Dave

Now what will be my just reward

If I kill this giant and scatter the hoard

Of Philistines said Dave

 Ah the king will make you a rich young man

Plus, you'll get his daughter's hand
And with Israel's redemption lad

Your dad will have exemption
Besides, thought Dave, I'm not alone

For God will help me fling the stone

"All right", said Dave, "It's a deal I'll fight

One round one fall and the winner takes all"
With that he went into a brook

And out of it five stones he took
And put them in his shepherd's bag or pouch

Which hung around his leg
With staff and sling and stones in hand

He went to fight this monstrous man
Who mocked and laughed and jeered

As he approached him

Now as I've already mentioned

It was not young Dave's intention
To fight Goliath on his own

With just a staff and sling and stone, no
For Dave he was a Godly lad

And he would trust in Him it's said
"Again", said God, "I speak the truth

That even though you are a youth
Your faith in Me will enable you to crush him"

So off went Dave so bold and brave

Not by himself, but with God's help
And put the stone into the sling

And gave the thing an awful fling

And struck and killed Goliath
When the Philistines saw he was dead

They lost their nerve and quickly fled
As Dave removed his sword and head

And walked away defiant

Because God had killed the giant
And as proof that God will never fail

He kept his coat, now he's got mail

Now the moral of this story is

Although it might sound gory is
That Dave was not a bit like Saul

He saw the writing on the wall
The bigger they are, the harder they fall

So if you want to get ahead

Just obey God, do what He said
And trust in Him with all your might

And He will be the One to fight
And you will be triumphant

Praise the LORD

Written by Bruce Moss,  May 10, 2001

To God be the glory

To God be the glory