To God be the glory

My Secret Place

There is a place that only I can enter
A secret place, that no one else can find
And in that place my life has been recorded
It is written on the pages of my mind

There was a time when I was young and free
When I was full of pride and just too blind to see
That the road that I was on would lead to nowhere
And would someday make a sinner out of me

When I was young I did not know my Savior
And I was not aware of what He did for me
And I did not understand that Jesus had a plan
To lead me to the cross on Calvary

My walk with God has not always been easy
There were trials and temptations on the way
And when I slipped and fell under the devil’s spell
I got down on my knees and I would pray

LORD I know that I am still a sinner
But I’m trying hard each day to overcome
Please forgive me now I pray and take my sins away
And wash me in the blood of Your dear Son

Now the windmills of my mind are turning slowly
They are winding down and coming to an end
And until the day I see, my Savior come for me
I will wait here in my hiding place til then

Now I know someday my life will end
And it’s too late for me to start again
And when I die, I know my blessed Savior
Will remember me when Jesus comes again

There is a place where only God can find me
A secret place that I can call my own
And in that place my sins have been forgiven
And I know that I will soon be going home

I know that I will soon be going home

Written by Bruce Moss

To God Be the glory