To God be the glory

Is It I El  Shaddi

Is it I, El Shaddi

Is it I who could betray You

Is it me who would be willing LORD

To sell my very soul

Like Judas in the garden

Who betrayed You with a kiss

As one of Your disciples LORD

How could he do this

Is it I, Adoni

Is it I who could deny You

Is it me who could forsake You LORD

And turn and walk away

Like Peter who denied You thrice

Because his faith was weak

Would I say I don't know You Christ

When I am asked to speak

El Shaddi

My spirit LORD is willing

But I know my flesh is weak

And I fear that I will fail Your test today

And when I am offended

Will I turn the other cheek

Or will I turn my back on You

And simply walk away

Is it I, El Shaddai

Is it I who will be faithful

Is it me who will trust You LORD

And seek Your face today

Like Abraham and Jacob

Who were willing to comply

With all that You would have them do

Yahovah Adoni

I believe almighty God

That Jesus Christ the Lamb

Was crucified and buried

And in three days rose again

He ascended into heaven

Where He sits upon His throne

And He'll return as King of kings

To take His people home

El Shaddi, my Adoni

Is it I, El Shaddi

Written by Bruce Moss

To God be the glory