To God be the glory

Psalm 2 - Why

Why do the heathen rage
Why do the people always imagine a vain thing

Why do earthly kings and rulers
Always plot against YAHWEH and His anointed one

Why do they always say

Let us break away from these bands and cords
And let us take these chains that bind us

To the law of the Most High and cast them far from us

Don't they know that He

Who created all that is shall make fun of them
And the Judge that sits in the heavens

Shall laugh them all to scorn and to ridicule

Then He shall speak to them

And in His wrath He shall vex them in His sore displeasure

Saying I have set My Son as King

To rule upon My holy hill of Zion

And I will declare the decree

That YAHWEH has said unto Me that You are My Son

And this day I have begotten You

So ask of Me and I will give You everything

The heathen and the earth

And all the things therein shall be Your own

And You shall break them into pieces

Like a potter breaks his vessel with a rod of iron

Therefore now be wise O kings

An listen to what YAHWEH has to say

And all ye judges of the earth be still

And He will teach you of His righteous way

Then serve YAHWEH with fear

And rejoice with trembling and kiss the Son

Lest He be angry with you

And you perish in your sins when His wrath has come

For blessed are they that put their trust in YAHWEH

Adapted from Psalm 2 by Bruce Moss

To God be the glory