To God be the glory

Do You Love Me

(The Hypocrite Song)

Do you love me, said the father's son

When he was just a child

I love you son, his father said

And he looked at him and smiled

Now go to bed, it's getting late

And Santa's coming soon

So off he went to try to sleep

Alone in his bedroom

Welcome to the dark side son

And happy Halloween

I'll take you trick or treating

And you'll soon see what I mean

I'll dress you as a vampire

And we'll have lots of fun

Begging door to door with demons

Because I love you son

Do you love me said the father's son

When he was just a boy

I love you son with all my heart

And you know I don't lie

The Easter bunny hid your eggs

I hope that you don't mind

So off he went to look for them

To see what he could find

Do you love me said the father's son

When he was just a youth

Of course I do, his father said

And I always tell the truth

I put your tooth under your pillow

And tonight while you're asleep

The fairy queen will bless you son

With money you can keep

Do you love me said the father's son

When he came home from school

Dad, they're teaching evolution

And they said that only fools

Would believe in a Creator

Who designed all that we see

That's right my son, I believe that's true

So I don't disagree

Son, we all evolved from nothing

And to nothing we will go

When we die, we disappear

And I believe that's so

So don't you worry anymore

About your destiny

You know that you can trust me son

So put your faith in me

Where have you been, the father said

To his pride and joy one day

Dad, I went to church with the preacher's son

And he taught me how to pray

That's just silly superstition son

I don't believe in prayer

And I don't believe there is a God

So stay away from there

Where have you been the father said

To his son now in his teens

Dad, I stayed behind at school today

With my best friend Jimmy Dean

Don't lie to me, his father said

Your teacher called today

You weren't in school, so where were you

And what have you to say

You know how much I hate it

When you lie to me my son

I told you this so many times

But you still think it's fun

Now you're grounded for another week

Because you broke my rules

But don't think that I don't love you son

Or take me for a fool

Do you love me said the father

When his son became a man

I love you dad, please don't get mad

But I don't understand

You've lied to me since I was born

And it's because of you

That I don't have faith in anything

And I don't know what to do

You said there was a Santa Clause

And an Easter bunny too

And because I love you very much

I put my trust in you

You told me God did not exist

When I was just a youth

And if you really loved me dad

You should have told the truth

Now the Bible says the devil

Is the father of all lies

And he rules the world with vengeance

Seeking only to destroy

All of God's creation

Including you and me

But he has been defeated

By the Lamb on Calvary

Do You love Me said the Saviour

As He hung there on that tree

I love You Son His Father said

And it breaks My heart to see

What the father of all lies has done

In causing all to sin

But through Your blood and by My grace

Mankind will live again

Now the Bible says to teach your child

The way that he should go

And he will not depart from it

When he is old I know

As parents we're responsible

To teach them of God's ways

And we'll be held accountable

For what we do and say

So ask yourself this question

Is what I said, not true?

And please don't think I'm throwing stones

For I'm a lot like you

I'm guilty of the charges

That the devil laid on me

But by the grace of Yahweh

I'm forgiven and set free

Now the moral of this story

Is for moms and daddies too

If you want your child to grow in grace

Then here's what you must do

Don't raise them up believing

In the devil's fantasy

You must raise them up believing

That the truth will set them free

If you raise them up believing

The truth will set them free

Written by Bruce Moss

To God be the glory

 When he speaks a lie, he speaks

of his own: for he is a liar, and

the father of it~ John 8:44 ~